Just the Facts

The Sola-Shade is a solid, insulated patio cover which affords you 100% shade, lowering the temperature under your patio cover.

Built to meet Ontario Building Code to withstand high winds and carry even the heaviest of snowloads.


This insulated patio cover is a pressure cap roof system, built using commercial grade, engineered structural panels, designed to meet Ontario Building code requirements for snow load and wind force.

The panels are comprised of  a foamcore center with an aluminum skin on both sides.

Panels are available 4 and 6 inches thick to accommodate different R value requirements, and varying snowload and structural requirements

R Values: 4" thick roof is R16. 6" thick roof is R24. We no longer carry the 3" thick roof which is R12

With fully integrated extruded eavestrough and fascia, the Sola-Shade insulated patio cover is built to withstand the elements and maintains it's appearance for years to come.

The extruded aluminum eavestrough and fascia are available in white, driftwood, bronze and black.

The exterior finish of the panels is a stucco embossed aluminum available in white or driftwood colour. The standard white finish reflects the sun to keep the underside cooler in the summer.

With the appropriate amount of slope, this roof can accommodate shingles to match your home.





This patio cover is the perfect choice for anyone considering adding

        screen wall or sunroom wall system in the future . After all, we use

this very roof for all of our sunrooms.


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