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What kind of roof is it?

We offer both a laminated sandwich panel - our Sola-Shade, and an acrylic roof panel system - our Sola-Vue.  A laminated sandwich panel is a styrofoam panel with an aluminum skin on both sides.  It comes with a built in, heavy guage aluminum eaves trough. The acrylic roof panel allows for light transmission.  These roof systems are engineered to meet or exceed Ontario building code standards.

Will the roof stay up with snow on it?

Our roof system is engineered to meet snow load requirements as per building codes.

What type of base do I need to put a sunroom on?

You may consider one of the following options:

     Wooden deck

     Insulated, engineered floor system

     Concrete base

All require proper footings (perimeter foundation, concrete piers or helical piers) to meet building code requirements. If you have an existing base, we will advise you on whether or not it meets code requirements and if not, what modifications will need to be made. If you are planning on building a new base yourself or through another contractor, we will advise you on our required specifications.

Are they insulated?

*  Roof panels are available 4" or  6" thick, offering insulation values of R16 - R24.

*  Our thermal sunroom has 3" thick insulated wall panel (R12), double glazed, Low E, argon filled      windows and all wall extrusions have a commercial thermal break.

*   Insulated floor panels are available offering R17 - R35

What is the R value?

*  4" roof - R16

*  6" roof - R24

*  4.5" Floor Panel - R17

*  6.5" Floor Panel - R26

*  8.5" Floor Panel - R35

What colours are available?

*  Walls and windows are available in White, Driftwood (beige), Bronze (dark brown), Grey and Black.

*  Roof panels available in White or Driftwood.

*  Eaves trough and side fascia available in White, Driftwood, Bronze and Black

What sizes do they come in?

All sunrooms and patio covers are custom sized. We are able to accommodate everything from a small entranceway to a carport to a full sized sunroom.

How long does it take to get a sunroom or patio cover?

The answer to this question has really changed in recent years. The time of year (volume) and weather will play a role, as always, however, overall volume at the factory has increased significantly. Lead times for a sunroom can range from 3 months to a year. We do monitor the lead times for any changes.

How long does it take to install?

That depends on the complexity and size of your sunroom. A standard room can be installed on a prepared base in as little as two days. If you require sono tubes or galvanized screw pilings, a base for the room to sit on or modifications to your house, it can take as long as two weeks to complete the build. An average installation takes approximately two days.

Can I put a spa or hot tub in the sunroom?

Yes. We recommend our WeatherMaster Vinyl 4 Track sunroom for most spa applications.

What is condensation?

For a detailed explanation of condensation click here.

Are skylights available?

Yes. Skylights are available in standard size 2' x 4'. They are flat glass, thermal, Low E fixed units. They are available at the time of purchase or you may add them to your roof at a later date. In a three season sunroom, we recommend the Sola-Vue acrylic roof or hybrid as a source of light.

Can I heat the sunroom?

Yes. Our Thermal sunroom is designed to be more efficient for heating, however, most clients who have purchased our three season vinyl 4 Track sunroom, have elected to heat them.

How much do they cost?

Sunroom prices vary. There are a number of factors involved in determining the price. Factors such as size model, roof size and style, wall height, base and options.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes. We have a 4000 square foot showroom located at 28 Clark St in Welland. Our hours do fluctuate seasonally. We are closed from Dec - April.

Do you install electrical outlets?

According to the Electrical Standards Authority, as of January 2007, an individual performing any kind of electrical work at a residence, must be a licensed electrician and have a contractor's license or work for a licensed electrical contractor.

How does a sunroom compare with other home investments?

According to HGTV expert, Mike Holmes, with respect to additions of bedrooms, family rooms, sunrooms, conservatories, garages, etc. "Increasing square footage is is almost always excellent use of remodelling dollars, but don't expand your home so much that there's little outdoor space left. Payback: 50 - 83%."

Do I need a permit for a sunroom?

Yes. In most cases a permit is required.